Weekend updates and a few little tweaks

Happy Monday! This weekend was another rainy weekend here in Texas with some pretty impressive thunderstorms. Friday night we actually lost our electricity for a little bit late in the evening and I was sorry the kids were already in bed because they would have loved all the lights being out. Nate and I were in the middle of our Bloodline marathon so we were happy when the power came back on.

We are finally done scraping the ceilings! We finished up Saturday afternoon and I was so tired after this project that I convinced Nate to have a couple contractors come and give us quotes to have the ceilings finished up by a pro. After scraping all these ceilings, the thought of patching, texturing and painting the ceilings sounded very daunting. But, after the quotes came in much higher than I thought, we will be finishing this job on our own. Nate tried to warn me but I kept thinking about the long hours we spent scraping the ceilings and how the hard part of this job is already done. Wrong! These contractors were quick to remind us that there is quite a lot of hard work still to go. We can do this! Or at least, that’s what I keep telling myself…

The sun came out for a while yesterday afternoon and I was able to snap some photos of the backyard and the screened porch. The weather here has been so bad since we moved in that we haven’t been able to spend much time outside or on the porch. I think it has rained almost every single day in May. And…with all this rain the mosquitoes have been really bad so I have been hiding out and covering the whole fam in bug spray. Hello Zika!








My plants are all loving the screened porch and I added a lemon tree to the mix so I’m hoping to have some lemons by Thanksgiving. Cross your fingers for me.

We also headed to IKEA this weekend because I had a dresser picked out for the kids room but sadly, it was out of stock. So, I’m either going to wait for it to come back in or I’ll find something else. Haven’t decided yet but I was so disappointed that my dresser wasn’t there. In an effort to cheer myself up, I did find some other goodies for the kids room. I also have a rug and a night stand coming this week. I still need some serious toy storage solutions and a dresser though.

weekend update3

weekend update5

weekend update4

weekend update2

Nolan and Grey love their new little reading corners. They each went and picked out some of their favorite books to load up their new shelves. Grey refers to his bed as his cave. It does feel pretty cozy under there. Nolan has even been caught reading in Grey’s bed a few times.

So those are our weekend tweaks. This week marks our first full week of summer and we have lots on agenda with orthodontist and dentist appointments, swimming lessons, play dates, and football camp. And those ceilings are still taunting me…

Thank you so much for reading! XX Courtney

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