One Room Challenge – Modern Rustic Office – The Reveal

Today is the day – it’s reveal day for the One Room Challenge! It feels like Christmas morning when you’re six and it’s snowing outside and you walk down the stairs to see the bike you’ve been wishing for with a big bow on it! Ok…back on track now, and I will try my hardest to keep from adding an ! at the end of every sentence.

And if you’re new here, here are links back to Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four, and Week Five, so you can catch up on all the details throughout the entire process.

I am dyyyyyying to show you all the after’s but first, let’s take a walk down memory lane and have a look at where we started. Here is the mood board from which I planned the space. Also, check out these before shots…it was so bad.

I know what you’re thinking…it was UGLY. Well, here is how we are looking now!

And now for the good stuff…the inside…

Whew….I’m so in love with this cutie little office now, that I’m thinking about kicking my hubs out of there and keeping this space for myself…jk. I’m loving the textures and all of the wood makes it feel homey and cozy. We’ve even had family stake claim on the space for their next overnight visit, so that just gives me all the warm fuzzies. Remember at the very beginning, I said that my goal was to create a comfortable space where you actually wanted to hang and spend time. Mission accomplished.

The biggest task for this project was that we were starting from nothing. There were no walls, floors, or ceilings. So that’s what we focused on for the majority of the six weeks. Everything was covered in pine. Tongue and groove for the walls and ceilings and pine 1×6’s for the floors. Then, everything was stained antique white by varathane to give it that Scandi look and keep those yellow and orange tones at a minimum.

The dark accent wall was painted Black Jack by Benjamin Moore. A color that I haven’t used before, but will definitely use again. I loved it so much that I ended up using it on the exterior, and gave the outside a new look. I have been playing around with the idea of painting our house a dark color like this, so it was fun to experiment. I also love how the trim is the same color as the siding.

When it was time to furniture shop, I knew I wanted a leather sofa for its durability since my hubs will be using this space the most. Anyone else have a husband that spills everything? No….just me?? I selected this sofa from American Leather and it is a treat for the senses. It is buttery soft and now when you walk into the office, you are hit with the most incredible leather smell. It is definitely the most beautiful and luxe piece of furniture I’ve ever owned. It is a beauty!

The chandelier was the starting point for the whole space because I knew I wanted a modern chandelier to juxtapose the firewood that would be lining the loft space. The Mitzi collection from Hudson Valley Lighting had so many good contenders but as soon as I saw the Astrid Chandelier, I knew she was THE ONE. This chandy is the centerpiece for the whole space and that black and brass combo has my heart forever.

The rug is from the Skye collection from Loloi Rugs. It is gorgeous and goes with everything…seriously, everything. I love the golds and greens but my favorite part about this rug was that it allowed me to sneak a little bit of pink into this manly office space. My hubs is color blind and thinks it’s more of a red. It’s our little secret….mmmmkay?

The art above the sofa is from Minted. Minted has such an amazing selection of art and really has something for everyone. My prints arrived framed and ready to hang…couldn’t be easier. And if you need yet another reason to love Minted, they support independent artists.

The gray chair and ottoman are both from Homepop and really help the space to feel balanced and complete. Plus, the ottoman doubles as a storage spot, and I love pieces that serve dual purposes (especially for small spaces).

So that’s about it! What do you guys think? Did you think I was nuts when I showed you this space six weeks ago?

I can’t believe we made it! We worked on this almost every free moment we had for the last six weeks which included one snowy weekend and several rainy weekends, but we are done and I’m feeling pretty proud of us.

Also, thank you so much to all of you who sent messages of encouragement, cheered us on, and followed along throughout this process. Your kindness and support really means the world to me. A big hug and kiss goes out to my dad who came to our house THREE weekends in a row to help…love you, Dad. Finally, an ENORMOUS thank you goes out to all of the sponsors who put their faith in me and this project. We couldn’t have done it without you…really! XOXO



Thank you so much for reading! XX Courtney

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      1. Did you paint the exterior barn lights and planters or did they come in that colour? I love this pop of colour on the outside of the shed.

  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome! I LOVE the black exterior and feature wall and all the colors you worked into this little space. I can’t even imagine the work you put in, but it’s really neat and your hubby is lucky to have this space.

  2. SERIOUSLY?!!! that’s your office!!! I’d say we should work together! Amazing transformation!! Also, shorts? I’m coming over for sure! #coldincanada

  3. Oh my goodness! I love every square inch of your office space/hang out room. Even the exterior is gorgeous! Great job, guys!

  4. This is so incredibly warm and inviting! I would totally be kicking my husband out! 😉 Congratulations on such a gorgeous turn around – looks fantastic.

  5. What a wonderful office space! I could get some amazing things done in a beautiful space like this! Just gorgeous. Love the beautiful rug. Enjoy!

  6. What an absolutely gorgeous space! I am so inspired on so many levels. We have a detached garage that has an unfinished addition and I’d love to create something like this in it.

  7. This is the most beautiful workspace! I love your style . I’d like to know what the dimensions of the shed is ?

  8. Looks so good! I know the accent wall and trim is Black Jack but what color is the main exterior? I couldn’t find it in the blog. Thanks!

  9. What a lovely, cozy space! Did you worry at all about bringing in, um, “wildlife” with all that firewood?

  10. Beautiful and inspiring transformation. Do you remember what name/color of AL you used on the couch? It’s such a soft yet warm color.

  11. Hi! I’m doing a similar backyard office in Portland, and I would love to know about the heater you used in here! Is it working well for this size space? Is it energy efficient? If so, can you share the source? Thank you!

    1. Hi! We insulated the office which helps a lot but in the winter it stays so warm and toasty with the electric stove we bought! It’s wayfair’s 3D Flame Effect Infrared Quartz Electric Stove! Good luck with your project! XOXO

  12. I never leave comments on people’s blogs but I couldn’t help it. This is absolutely fantastic… almost unbelievable. I’m so impressed!

  13. Hello : )

    I was just dropping a note to ask you if you purchased this shed, or did you guys build it? If you purchased I would be curious to where you bought the shed 🙂
    It’s so stunning!!! I am hoping to have one just like it….but it will be my tack room next to my horse barn 🙂

  14. Hi Courtney – your cottage looks great. I have a question about the doors and how well they insulate. Did you do anything special around the edges & seams?

    1. Hi Jeff! We insulated the structure before we installed the tongue and groove but the doors aren’t that great…eventually might want to upgrade the doors so they would hold the heat a bit better during the winter! XOXO

  15. Courtney, you’re so talented! I found your shed design on Pinterest and love it and all your other room designs! We’re putting in a Tuff Shed next month to use as an office and I’m definitely inspired by your design choices.

  16. Hello Courtney,
    I love your design and color and size. That is exactly what I’m looking for to replace 2 broken sheds in my backyard. I want soooo much to do this. But where do I begin?? I live in upstate New York. Can you recommend a company similar to Summit Structures?

    1. Hello Dionne,
      I appreciate the compliments! We just started googling prebuilt sheds in our area and found a few places. I think we ended up finding Summit Structures from Craigslist! Hope that helps, and sorry for the delay! XOXO

  17. I just found your space on Pinterest – beautiful!! We are converting a shed this winter in the Portland area. Do you have the name/source of your roller blinds? They look great in the space!

  18. This is completely wonderful! I just purchased my prefab shed to turn into my home office! my biggest challenge is the AC and heat element! do you have AC in your shed? Thank you!!

    1. Hi Sam, fortunately our summers are pretty mild, so we didn’t need to add AC. Nate just used a space heater in there during the winter. Thanks and have a great day! XOXO Courtney

  19. Hi there! I love this! What colour paint did you use for the exterior?
    Thanks a million

  20. Hi love the shed, what kind of budget or cost was that 10 x16 shed? Thanks and keep up the great work!

  21. Amazing job! We purchased our house and it has a finished/air conditioned shed and looking to add an accent wall to it! What was the black color called that you used on the interior? Thanks!