My Summer Porch with Serena & Lily

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Summer is finally here! Well, not technically yet, but temps are rising and my plants are blooming, so that’s reason enough to celebrate! One of my favorite projects to tackle during spring and early summer is freshening up my front porch and our deck in the backyard. Planting pots of spring blooms, and adding some accessories to your front porch can give your house a big boost in the curb appeal department! This year, I was lucky enough to partner with Serena & Lily to give my little porch some happy, summer vibes and I’m in love with the new look!

Adding a couple of comfortable spots to sit was a top priority as Nate and I sit on the front porch while we watch the kids scooter around the driveway or play in the front yard. When I spotted the Palisades Chair, I knew it was the one. It hit the three C’s: Casual, comfortable, and complementary to our black exterior.

The seat is low and wide, making it a very comfy sit. The rattan frame lends itself to a relaxed style which feels just right for our house. Another fun bonus is that you can pick them up by their handle, and they fold up for on-the-go trips to the lake or the river! We’ve already loaded them up and taken them down to the banks of our local river. I loved that they are low to the ground which makes it easy to dip your feet in the cool water.

I am so happy with how this little porch refresh came out that I’m inspired to update a space inside the house next! If you watch my instagram stories, then you know that I’ve been hinting at a new dining room look and the new dining table is already on the way!

The Downing Table is so gorgeous with its white frame and modern leg design. Light and airy is a must for our small space. My dining room is open to the kitchen and the living room, which is a blessing but can also make it a bit of challenge for furniture size and placement. My current table is feeling a bit too small for my growing family so the new table will offer up some more space without overwhelming the itty bitty space….that is my hope anyway. Keep your fingers crossed for me, and I’ll update you guys as soon as it arrives! Happy Summer Friends! Anyone else making some Summer updates to their homes? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear!


A Review: My Serena & Lily Venice Rattan Chairs

This post is sponsored by Serena & Lily

I get lots of questions about all of our projects around this old fixer upper, and I always try to give an honest answer so that I can help you guys, in case you’re thinking about tackling something similar in your own homes! I also get lots of source questions, ie. “where did you get that rug, piece of furniture, accessory, etc.?” Talking furniture and accessories with you guys is one of my favorite past times…I know, I know, I’m very exciting over here. And one of the most asked about pieces of furniture in my home are my Venice Rattan Chairs from Serena & Lily. I’ve had them for almost a year, so I thought it would be fun to give my honest opinion about them in case any of you are thinking about adding these cuties to your homes! So let’s get to it!

Serena & Lily is famous for its casual and coastal designs, but still lends itself to many styles of homes – like mine! I have a NW Chalet (is that a thing??) but their pieces are so well-made, classic in design, that they fit right in here! Last summer, I was on the hunt to add some additional seating to my living room, I found the Venice Rattan chairs and knew they would be perfect! It was tough to find an armchair that felt substantial, without the heaviness that comes with the look of an upholstered armchair. This chair checked all of my boxes! The airy design allows your eye to travel right through them and doesn’t block the views out our big windows. They are also extremely light weight, so turning the chair around to enjoy the views is no problem at all! The feet all have plastic protective feet so no need to worry about scratches on the hardwood floors. Peace of mind for the win!

The seat is wide and very comfortable. Wide enough to even sit two kiddos side-by-side! With its arms and high back, the chairs feel firm but supportive. As a tall person, I always appreciate a chair with a higher back. #tallpeopleprobs We just recently added this cushion which has made for even cozier sit. Before, I just tossed a soft throw pillow and they were still very comfortable, even without the cushion.

I’m a big fan of the subtle texture that these cushions add to the room. It was important to find a neutral cushion that would allow me to switch up my throw pillows whenever the mood strikes – mission accomplished! The cushions also have a zipper so when (inevitable around this house) the kids spill their juice, or leave cracker crumbs, I can easily unzip and throw the cover into the washer. And speaking of cracker crumbs, anyone else ever wonder where all those crumbs come from? I mean, seriously!

The craftsmanship really shines with its hand-wrapped rawhide joints and rattan frame. I’m in love with their California vibes and I don’t worry about them going out of style any time soon. To me, the design feels fresh and modern, but also classic and not too trendy. That perfect sweet spot, ya know?

The chairs pair so well with this side table and I love that this sweet table mimics the look of a tree…which is so fitting for our little home in the woods. The top of the table is a show stopper with its polished clamshell veneer top. It’s smooth and shiny, almost like a stone countertop.

Here’s a close-up so you can see the detail on the top. It adds a lot of interest, and I love the natural color palette that includes, whites, creams, rusts, and grays. It’s sparkly in the sunlight, and is just so beautiful! ANYWAYS, let’s get back to the chairs!

Our kitty, Phoebe, definitely approves of the cushions that we added to the chairs and can be found taking a snooze here on the daily. In fact, I think this was her plan as I snapped this photo of her…she looks kind of sleepy, no? Overall, I give these chairs a five star rating. I would highly recommend them for anyone who is looking to add extra seating to their living room, bedroom or, really anywhere! I think it would look really great tucked into a corner of a bedroom, or in an entryway to serve as a spot to take your shoes off. It’s so versatile and has enough personality to stand on its own! Also, after a year of every day use by adults and lots of kids, they are in perfect condition and look exactly like they did on the day they were delivered. This Oregon girl is giving off some California cool vibes these days, and they are most definitely here to stay!



Trex Stairs And Cable Railing…The Combo That Won My Whole Heart

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When we first bought our house in the fall of 2019, a MAJOR fixer upper, we were so excited to have a little guest house separate from our main house. It’s a small studio-style apartment that sits above our garage, complete with its own kitchenette and bathroom. You see, I have four siblings, who are all married with kids, so weekend house guests are a regular occurrence around these parts. I think the privacy and separate bathroom make it so popular with my extended fam, and it’s always fun to see who calls first dibs! There’s just one problem with the guest house, the stairs that lead up to the entrance were over 30 years old, and showing their age in a big way. In fact, one of treads broke while Nate was walking up them just after we moved in. We promptly banned their use after that, and decided we better get serious about replacing them before we had a real accident…gulp.

Enter Webfoot Painting to save the day! Webfoot is a local outfit here in Bend, and initially, I thought they were solely a painting company. Boy, was I wrongo! They offer a whole host of services including deck building, interior/exterior painting, carpentry services, concrete coatings and so much more! After seeing that they have over 500 google reviews with a 4.9 star rating, I knew we were in good hands going into this project. I was also happy to see that Webfoot is so involved in our small Oregon community, and even host an annual giveaway called Project Serious, that donates $25k of services to a deserving local non-profit. How cool is that?!

Not only were the old stairs a safety hazard, they were also UGLY. They were a lovely shade of gold with lots of brown accents…ahem, insert sarcasm here. This was the color combination on the exterior of the house when we moved in. Maybe even the original color to the house from when it was built in the early 1980’s, I wonder?

Anyone else getting a haunted house vibe? No? Just me? Anyways, the crew from Webfoot arrived on the first day and made quick work of the old stairs. They were gone in just a few short hours!

After the stairs were nothing more than a distant memory, we swapped out the old window and door for a fresh new look and a fun pop of color! All ready for the guys to come back and start building the new stairs!

The next day, Webfoot showed up right on time, and got to work! The crew was awesome, and their communication was so on point, we always knew the action plan for the day.

I was so excited to use Trex on the stairs for it’s durability, zero maintenance, and scratch resistance. We hemmed and hawed over all of the beautiful color options, but ultimately went with the Havana Gold color from their Transcend line. It has a lot of great texture, and really looks like wood – without the maintenance that comes with real wood. I also learned that Trex is made from 95% recycled materials, which made my inner Oregonian feel v happy.

These sleek and dare I say, sexy railings were a custom design by American Structures out of Portland, and are powder coated for durability against the outside elements. The crew even provided us with touch-up paint if we ever manage to scratch them – great for peace of mind! The black cables were sourced locally from Bend Rigging & Supply. The finished look is modern and clean. I couldn’t love it more!

Webfoot is one of the largest Trex deck builders in the state of Oregon, and their experience showed through their craftsmanship and attention to detail. The guys told me this stair design is called a “picture frame,” and it’s just beautiful!

Ok…now to the good part! It’s time to SPAM YOU WITH ALL THE GORGEOUS AFTER SHOTS…

Overall, we are so grateful for such an amazing experience, and couldn’t be happier with our new stairs. We’ve had just about all of our neighbors stop by to tell us how much they love the upgrade! A big thank you goes out to Gavin, Colin, and everyone at Webfoot Painting who were all knowledgeable, friendly, easy to work with, and full of energy! So tell me guys, what do you think!? Do you have any home projects that have been on your to-do list? I’m already busy dreaming up our next one!





My dream chair is here!

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Every evening during the winter months, Nate makes a fire and I sit on the floor in front of the fireplace and enjoy the warmth (I know I know…I’m officially 100 years old). It’s really my fave thing to do after the kids go to bed. I’ve been on the hunt for the past few months to find the perfect chair for my favorite perch, and I finally found it! Now, I have the most comfortable seat in the house!

I was thrilled when Overstock reached out and wanted to work together, because I had been eyeing this chair for months. I knew I wanted a leather chair as I have confidence in its ability to stand up to my three rowdy kids. Spilled juice and cracker crumbs wipe right up! As far as design goes, it’s classic and will never go out of style –a nod to the past, but modern. The ottoman completes the look and provides a comfy spot to put up your feet and relax. I feel like it fits in well with the vibe of our home too, where I like to mix modern and rustic. The seat is firm, but so incredibly comfortable.

The details on this chair are really stunning. The wood encasement is made from eucalyptus trees that complement the caramel tones in our sofa, which I just adore. The stainless steel base is really lovely too.

I’m usually eager to add accessories like pillows and throws but this chair is so pretty, that it doesn’t need any frills or extras.

Our living room is open to our tiny dining space so adding extra seating always presents a challenge, but I was surprised to see that the chair fits right into the space, without crowding our existing furniture arrangement. The ottoman can easily be moved around the room, and used as an extra seat for when we have company.

I have been slowly adding furniture to our home since we moved in and with the addition of the new chair, the living room definitely feels complete, thanks to Overstock. Now, I look forward to my cozy spot by the fire each night, more than ever!




5 airbnb’s to book for the perfect family summer vacation

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Hi guys! With 2021 already in full swing, I’m thinking ahead and am eager at the thought of planning some fun for the family this year. My kids have returned  to school now, and we are looking forward to spring break and even a summer vacation as well! While I started thinking about our trip this year, I remembered a vacation that I took with my parents and my siblings when we were kids. My parents rented a log-style home that sat on the shores of a lake, here in Oregon. It was by-far, my favorite family trip that we took growing up. We spent the week swimming, kayaking, and having fires during the evenings. My parents even let my sister and I sleep out on the deck in our sleeping bags. We were in heaven!

I rounded up a few spots for you guys, keeping that special vacation from when I was a kid, in mind. I think they would make for lots of fun family adventures and most offer boating, swimming, hiking or just being outside. Ok, let’s get to it!

1. Polson, Montana – Log Cabin overlooking Flathead Lake

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What’s not to love about this charming log home overlooking Flathead Lake in Montana? The deck has the most amazing lake views and is set up for outdoor dining and comes equipped with a fireplace! Lake access for swimming, fishing, and kayaking is just a short walk away. There is also the most adorable guest house on the property that’s optional to rent in addition to the main house, if you find yourself needing a little more space. Maybe a multi-family trip? There’s no cable, wifi, or landline on this property so you could really disconnect and relax! PS…how much fun would it be to have the kids camp out on the deck like my sister and I did on our lakeside vacation when we were kids?

2. Polson, Montana – Top of the World Cabin 

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This home is all about the views…and does not disappoint! It has a third level of windows and I’d bet that on a clear day that you can see for miles! Perfect for quality family time in this peaceful and tranquil setting. I can picture myself spending many hours swinging in the porch swing with a good book! Glacier National Park is only an hour away from this gorgeous home and skiing is also an hour away as well! Really the best of both worlds and could be great for a winter or summer destination!

3. Sandpoint, Idaho – Private Lakefront Gem

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As someone who appreciates great design, I can’t stop staring at all of the thoughtful details that went into the design of this home. This beautiful home almost feels like a tree house with woods all around to explore. It would comfortably accommodate a family of four with a view of the lake out every window! We have camped on this lake in Idaho a few times and it’s breathtaking. The water is warm enough to swim and there’s lots of boat and kayak rentals available around town. Also, Sandpoint is adorable with lots of attractions, restaurants, and coffee shops.

4. Lakeside, Montana – Flathead Lake Retreat

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This is the ultimate family-friendly vacation spot equipped with a hot tub, a lakeside firepit, and your own private pebble beach. The kids could swim while you watch from the lawn. This home looks similar to the one we vacationed at when I was a kid, with the big windows, two levels of decks and it has me feeling very nostalgic. The interior is beautiful with an open floor plan, cozy bedrooms and a loft space with bunk beds for the kids. I don’t think I would ever want to leave this lovely home!

5. Bigfork, Montana – Waterfront Cabin

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This home gave me all the warm fuzzies and feels like it was designed around family living. With lots of deck space, a cozy fireplace in the living room and a bunk room just for the kids, this home would work well for a multi-family vacations too. The views cannot be matched and the water almost looks turquoise in color! This home also has nearly perfect reviews and I noticed lots of comments that the garage was stocked with water toys and kayaks. Such a great bonus!

So there you have it! Would you want to book any of these magical homes? Did they remind any of you of any vacations that you took as a child? I wanna know! Leave me a comment below and tell me everything!

My favorite airbnb’s for a romantic weekend away!

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Hi friends! I had so much fun putting together my first airbnb list for a uniquely Central Oregon experience, I thought I would put together another list for you guys. Only this time, I focused on more of a romantic or couple vibe for this trip. After 2020, I think we all deserve a little getaway with our significant other. Our kids have been home since March, and while it has been a great opportunity for quality family time, the thought of getting away for a few days sans kiddos sounds VERY appealing.

And because you guys are spread out all over the US (and abroad too…maybe I’ll do another International list soon), the list covers airbnb’s all over the country! I wanted to include a little bit of everything, from waterfront homes, remote cabins, and the CUTEST a-frame! Let’s get to it!

1. Charleston, South Carolina – Little Pink House

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This Charleston, SC charmer would make for the perfect couples getaway! The home is situated along a tree lined street with restaurants and shops within walking distance. The interior is so cozy with its picturesque living spaces, and the lofted ceilings in the master bedroom are a bonus too!

2. Skykomish, Washington – A-Frame in the Woods

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If you’re looking for a slower pace without the crowds, then this idyllic A-Frame 50 miles south of Seattle could be the perfect vacation spot with your love. It’s just minutes away from some of the best skiing in the PNW, and boasts a brand new hot tub on the back deck for some post-ski soaking!

3. Cortez, Colorado – Canyon Cliff House

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The unique home is built right into the red rock cliff wall of Sleeping Ute Mountain, a private red rock canyon alcove just 40 minutes from Mesa Verde, CO. Many of the reviews describe the scenery and sunsets as breathtakingly beautiful. Do yourself a favor and check out the interior too – it’s really amazing!

4. Sitka, Alaska – Sitka Lighthouse

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This lighthouse would be a vacation of a lifetime! You arrive to the lighthouse by boat, and a water taxi is included when you book this unique airbnb. It was completely remodeled in 2018, and it shows when you see the beautifully furnished and cozy interior. It’s situated on a one-acre private island with a private boat dock that you are free to explore as a guest of the lighthouse.

5. Key West, Florida – Tiki Suite

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This houseboat looks like an idyllic spot for a weekend away! Spend your days swaying in the hammock, snorkeling and paddleboarding in the bright blue sea water. And if you’re lucky, you might be able to spot dolphins, manatees, or sting ray’s!

6. Bozeman, Montana – Timber Carriage House

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I have no words to describe how much I love this studio in Bozeman, Montana. This cabin has all the modern amenities to make your stay a comfortable one with your own kitchen, full bathroom, and washer/dryer. There are french doors on two sides of the cabin that lends itself to an indoor/outdoor living. There is a wood stove inside for evening fires, and trail heads for hiking are at your door step. And another bonus – Yellowstone National Park is just an hour away!

So there you have it! I’m hoping to someday visit at least a couple of these magical destinations. Would you guys want to vacation at any of these spots? Or have you been before? Leave me a comment below and tell me what ya think!

My favorite airbnb’s in Central Oregon right now

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I’m here today to deliver on a promise…a long overdue promise too! You see, I get asked (almost) daily via direct messages from you guys to offer up my thoughts about Bend and Central Oregon. How do we like it? What’s it like living there? What’s the weather like there? Where are the good spots to stay while you’re visiting Bend? So, I decided to put together a list of my favorite Airbnb’s to book if you are planning a trip to Central Oregon. Almost all of them are either in or around Bend, and vary from sleek and modern with walkable restaurants and shopping, to remote rustic log homes with views and hiking just out your front door.

Before we start with the list, I thought I would give you a few general tid-bits about Central Oregon living. Although Bend is growing like crazy, it maintains a laid-back, small-town feeling. The people are generally friendly and we enjoy a relatively low cost of living. Much of Central Oregon is high desert, with a dry and sunny climate. This varies a bit depending on your elevation, but will see approximately 300 days of sunshine a year, which is my favorite part about this area of Oregon. It is an outdoor enthusiasts dream come true with endless hiking, skiing, snow shoeing, fly fishing, kayaking, camping, and I could go on and on. It’s a great place to be outside!

Ok…now onto the good stuff! I found some good airbnb’s that I think you guys will love!

1. The Sawmill in Bend’s Westside

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This abode was so beautifully designed that I couldn’t not include it. No detail was missed when this Scandinavian-inspired space was designed.  Perfect vacation if you’re wanting to check out of the city itself, and is located on the popular Westside of Bend, where breweries, restaurants, and shopping are all within walking distance.

2. Luxury Cabin on Tumalo Lake

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This gorgeous cabin overlooks Tumalo Lake and is surrounded by ponderosa pine trees. It’s 12 miles outside of Bend, and is the best of both worlds with seclusion and privacy, and just a quick drive to Bend for anything you might need. The home is perfect for kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, and Tumalo Lake has world-class trout fishing. It also has a fire pit and horseshoe pits as well. So much to do here! In the winter months, skiing, snow shoeing and sledding are just a few of the favorite activities enjoyed by Central Oregon residents and visitors.

3. Remodeled Airstream

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If you’re open to something a little different, then Miss Clementine, a fully restored and upgraded 1973 Airstream might be perfect for you! So many cute details throughout, and is located on a 2.5 acre property with its own private entrance. It even has its own deck and hot tub, which I thought sounded so fun! Also, feel free to bring your pets along on this one!

4. Modern Mountain View Home in the Old Mill District 

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This modern home is located in the ever popular Old Mill District of Bend. With mountain views and city conveniences , it has something for everyone. The aesthetic is a combination of industrial with a sleek concrete fireplace, and clean mid-century lines throughout the home. It has two levels of decks where you can enjoy the spectacular mountain views. The home also includes a pool table and a hot tub for guests.

5. River View Inn on the Deschutes River

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This cute home is all about that river life. Just 40 feet from the shore where you can enjoy all things that the beautiful Deschutes River has to offer. Swimming, floating, kayaking, and fishing are LITERALLY right at your back door!

6. Geodesic Dome Home

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I want to book a stay for my family at this fun Dome Home for a quiet vacation in the woods. This home is recently renovated & stylishly redecorated while situated on a large private and peaceful lot. Perfect central location with an easy walk to Deschutes River Trail or a quick bike ride to Old Mill area or downtown.

7. Log Cabin on Tumalo Creek

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If you’re looking for something more secluded and rustic, then this handbuilt log home in the historic Skyliner neighborhood might be perfect for you! This cabin is nestled between tall old growth pines and Tumalo Creek and is loaded with charm. Located just 9 miles from the west side of Bend and downtown. Its private and serene, cozy and simple.

8. Family Cabin in Eagle Crest Resort

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This home would be perfect for a family vacation and is located in Eagle Crest Resort. It sits on one of three on-site golf courses that Eagle Crest has to offer. It includes a private hot tub, shared pool and sauna – something for every member of your fam!

So that’s my list!!! I hope this helps anyone who was curious about Bend and/or Central Oregon living or might be planning an upcoming vacay! Which one is your dream vacation situation? Leave me a comment below and tell me which number is your fave!



The light of all lights!

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Ever since we finished our bathroom at the beginning of the summer, the most frequently asked question that I get is; Where did you get the light above the vanity? I knew it was the ONE as soon as soon as I laid eyes on it! See what I mean…

This particular light is the Monarch Articulating Wall lamp in the Greece color from Blueprint Lighting. If you aren’t familiar with Blueprint Lighting, they are an NYC based company that produces quality, boutique wall/ceiling lamps, as well as chandeliers at a palatable price. Easier said than done! I love them (well, for many reasons really) but, especially because they produce handcrafted lighting, without the crazy lead times that you see from other custom lighting companies… I have seen anywhere from 8 to 24 weeks from other places! And with all of the color and metal options they offer, they really have something for everyone!

The Monarch light is perfect for a vanity light as it adjusts in two different spots so you can direct light in any direction that you prefer, but also disperses the light beautifully in a way that lights up the entire bathroom. The glossy blue and brass combination is so funky and adds just a little bit of personality and sass to the bathroom. It’s really the perfect combination of form and function.

Our kitchen is also outfitted in Blueprint Lighting lights. For our flushmount, we went with their Model 130 Strobus in unlaquered brass. It is a show piece and definitely acts as the star of the kitchen!

The sconces are their Campana Wall Sconce in stark white. I love them! Just like the bathroom fixture, they are fully adjustable and make a statement without overpowering the overall design of a room.

If you are in the market for some quality, handmade lighting, you’ll definitely want to check out Blueprint Lighting. I have a feeling you guys will love their selection of beautiful fixtures. AND OMG I just saw on their site that many of their wall lamps are BOGO right now! SERIOUSLY, RUN!!! Happy Shopping, friends!


Painting the exterior of our home with Sherwin-Williams

This post is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams 

I am beeeeyond excited to share our freshly painted home with you guys today! When we bought this house last summer, we knew it needed paint and it needed paint BADLY! But, we had too many other projects going on (ummm talking to you kitchen remodel) and there wasn’t enough time before winter hit, which was when we decided that exterior paint would have to wait until spring. All winter, I dreamt of paint colors and I kept coming back to this inspiration photo.

Source unknown (if you know, send me a message and I’d be happy to credit them)

I love the monochromatic look with the trim and body all the same color. I also love how the windows offer just the slightest bit of contrast against the dark color. AND HOW AMAZING ARE THE WOOD ACCENTS??!!! I was sold! We had decided on a black…but ended up testing nine different shades on various spots around the house. Once we stared at them for a few days and had the numbers come in via story votes over on my instagram page, we decided on Tricorn Black in a flat sheen from their exterior line called, Emerald. After a quick phone call to our local Sherwin-Williams store, we decided just how much paint this house was going to need. They have a formula to help you figure that out, and it only took a few minutes. For our house, we ended up using forty gallons! I doubted that we would use that much, but I was wrong. We only have half of a gallon left in the garage that we are saving for touch-ups! We loved this paint so much and it basically covered evenly in one coat, but more on that later! Let me show you our house before we painted!

We were lucky enough to have a friend offer up his paint sprayer for the project (thank you again, Jordan!) and it made the project go so smoothly! After we had pressure washed the entire house and taped off all the windows with a light-weight plastic and tape, we got busy spraying. Basically, our process looked like this; Nate sprayed the paint from the top to the bottom, and I followed up with a brush and touched up any spots as needed. Easy peasy! I think the reason that this project went so smoothly was because of the quality of paint we were using. The emerald exterior line is self priming with a smooth beautiful finish. We did the entire house with just one coat! Can you believe it??! The emerald line also has a mildew-resistant coating and won’t blister, peel, or color fade. These factors help put our minds at ease since we were going with such a deep, saturated hue. Also, did you guys know that the Emerald line is backed by a lifetime warranty?! I didn’t even realize paint companies offered such a thing!

This project was so much fun! It was almost like watching our old fixer upper come back to life after it had been asleep for a looooong time! The neighbors all loved watching and some even set up lawn chairs across the street for front row seats to watch all the activity at our place. So many of them stopped by just to tell us how excited they were about all of the changes, and how much they loved the color! This was music to my ears as I was VERY worried that our neighbors might think we were nuts for painting our house BLACK!

After we were finished with paint, we switched out our old vinyl windows for these casement style windows from Sierra Pacific Windows. We completed the look with cedar trim to complement the porch, and I’m officially crazy over this new look!

Doesn’t it look like a new house? Next, we have some fun landscaping plans and I can’t wait to see some green just POP against the black! We are so happy with how it all came together and I am so thankful for the wonderful folks at Sherwin-Williams for sponsoring this BIG project. Now tell me in the comments below, would you/have you ever consider(ed) painting your own house? It’s SO rewarding!




Summer Refresh with Serena & Lily

This post is sponsored by Serena & Lily

Hey guys! So, if you’ve been around here for a while then you know how I love switching things up around the house! For a homebody, like I am, it really helps keeps things feeling fresh! Also, rearranging a room might just be my favorite way to get a work out in. When Serena & Lily reached out and asked if I wanted to partner up for a room refresh, I didn’t have to think twice! If you aren’t familiar with Serena & Lily, they are a furniture and home goods brand with breezy California vibes. Think casual and coastal, with classic American influences and modern lines. I, for one, am a BIG fan.

I have been eyeing this chair for months (told ya I was a big fan) and thought it would be the perfect addition to our living room, especially for the summer months. I love how it doesn’t feel heavy visually, and still even allows light to flow through it. The lines are clean, modern and lend themselves to a mid-century style that I always gravitate towards. Serena & Lily also carries cushions for the seat and I’m thinking about ordering them next. The chair feels so well made with its sturdy rattan frame and I love the deep seat too!

The two chairs feel much more balanced in our living room and really create an inviting spot for conversation. Can’t wait until we can have guests again!

Another favorite from Serena & Lily is this little stool. I have used this little cutie in a variety of spaces and I swear, it looks good everywhere! It’s been hanging out in our newly remodeled bathroom and is a great spot for wash cloths, pretty display soaps, or a nice candle….oh yeah, I forgot, PLANTS! How could I forget about plants?!

I also have one more really fun item that’s coming soon so stay tuned! I can’t wait to show you guys! And just for fun, I thought I would add a few more of my faves from Serena & Lily right now. Summer is the best time of year to refresh a space if you’ve been thinking about changing things up! Just simply click the picture! Happy shopping, friends! XOXO